Politician…Two sexting scandals…And his name is Weiner…I know this joke has been beaten to death, but really, what are the chances?

Over the years, my trips to the movie theaters have become pretty scarce and you’re more likely to find me chilling in my living room tuning into a documentary that happened to catch my eye on TV or Netflix.  My taste in documentaries is pretty eclectic and I try to keep them varied, so this time around I just happened to fall into the political arena.  Normally, I tend to avoid politics…generally distrusting of politicians…always seems to be a scheme afoot.  However, given the current political climate, let’s just say it’s better to be a bit more educated and well-informed, even marginally, on the major political players that have cropped up over the past few years.  What better way to get the scoop on one of the closest women to Hilary Clinton than through her husband?

OK, that’s certainly stretch since documentaries only provide a small piece of the picture and this documentary is, of course, focused on Anthony Weiner, not Huma Abedin.  However, it did provide a unique insider look into the chaos and damage control surrounding political scandals and gave me a better understanding of what transpired with this particular scandal.

When I first heard of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal years ago, my reaction basically boiled down to “A politician?…in a sex scandal?!…*gasp* say it ain’t so?”  Unfortunately, sex scandals seem to be a dime a dozen and it’s more surprising to me when politicians actually behave and keep it in their pants.  Also, let’s face it…how can you top Bill Clinton?  Aside from John Boehner’s clever quip of “At least I’m not a Weiner” and news of a campaign ad for the 2013 New York mayoral election that had me going “dude…give it up,” Weiner and his weiner fell off my radar until this documentary.

Admittedly, I had to eat my words watching how successful his 2013 campaign was portrayed until the second sexting scandal broke.  I had absolutely written him off at the outset of this documentary and was expecting an hour and a half circus act, nuts included.  Who can come back after such humiliation and embarrassment?  Surely, the public is not that forgiving and willing to give him a second chance at such an influential position, right?  Besides fielding questions and deflecting jabs about his first sexting scandal from his competitors much better than expected, I was shocked to see that he still had a significant hold on the public and his supporters after violating their trust.  Given the weight and effect 9/11 had on New York in particular, anyone so zealously and passionately advocating for the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act would obviously become a hero in the public’s eyes.  However, I imagine he had to have engaged in some truly significant work in other pertinent issues highlighted in the documentary as well unless he really was riding on the coattails of Huma Abedin and his celebrity status at that point.

I will admit his comeback and near win of the 2013 New York mayoral election was rather impressive and unexpected, but given his recent transition from sex-crazed politician to pedophile, my praise ends there.  Hopefully, the truth comes out and justice is served in September.  I think it’s safe to say he really stepped in it this time and I doubt the public will give him a third chance.  How does the saying go?  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, really, dude?

For anyone reading who has followed Anthony Weiner’s political career more closely, has a better understanding of the New York political landscape, or just has any thoughts on any of the topics mentioned in this post, feel free to comment!


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